0005: The Last Review About The Last Jedi

We waited a whole nother year to review it. Wanted to cut it in parts, but we never really had a break in it. Besides, all tens of you have waited long enough.

Want to hear our cold, salty take?

Your funeral. Even though it may be the wrong one.

(We loved it.)

Star Wars Poster I was talking about at ~1:40.

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Technical Whatevers.

So, when you’re two states away, it turns out it’s hard to keep a consistent schedule.

AJ’s working on a logo for this little podcast operation, and I’m working on… content. Good content, bad content, it all depends on your point of view.

We just started, and we don’t have any proof that anyone’s listening (or even reading this), and I’m snowed in, and he’s got a job that’s working him like a mule, and I wish I had one of those. A job and a mule.

I wish I had a studio. That would be cool. Wouldn’t that be cool? That would be really cool.

See you… eventually. Probably within a month. Probably.

0004: BvS, BS for Short

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. We find this movie… guilty!

At almost two hours, we had a surprising amount of things to say about this movie, but unfortunately, we forgot a very key scene. But I’m sure we’ll come back to it in the future.

…… Come to think of it, why did he say that name?

(Several Mistakes Made: Apparently, Kevin Spacey WAS Lex Luthor in a movie. Superman Returns. I should’ve probably watched that movie.
Batman V Superman grossed $873.3M with a budget of $300M, and Avengers was the 4th highest grossing ($1.519B), not the 3rd with a budget of $220M, and not my $250M guess.)

Ralph Garman: More than World Famous

Some of you have heard of him as the host on the Joe Schmo Show. For some, he is the co-host of the Hollywood Babble-On podcast with Kevin Smith, Director of objectively great movies like Clerks and Chasing Amy. For others, he is Captain Jack in Syfy’s Sharktopus, the movie that sparked the craze for Shark-themed disaster movies.

The Radio Announcer in Agent Carter, John Bennet’s Dad in the Rated R Comedy TED, Reggie in Al Pacino and Matthew McConaughey’s Two for the Money, Winning every gameshow imaginable when he was a mere bartender, or virtually every episode of Family Guy.

But right now, I want to mention his essential role on the world famous KROQ. The voice of entertainment news, Ralph Garman.

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0003: Too Much Steven! (pt. 3)

Finally, I present to you, part three of the Steven grenade. The final two episodes of the Cartoon Network App-Exclusive Arc, Sadie Killer and Kevin Party, is coming under scrutiny.

0002: More Steven! (pt. 2)

Possibly too much Steven!

Raising the Barn and Back to the Kindergarten are under our Microscope this time around. Not exactly sure I’m getting better or worse with the audio editing, but these three parts are from one audio file, so we’ll get better around episode 4.

Thanks for being our test audience, though.

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